1. Classical Massage
The Basic massaging technique improves the condition of muscles, lessens their tension and improves health.
30 min - 100 zł
1h - 170 zł
2. Nutritional Massage
Body massage with the usage of Intensive Nutrition Cream.
1h - 170 zł
3. Therapeutic Massage
The variation of classical massage which eliminates dysfunctions of organs in the area of muscles, joints and spine.
1h - 120 zł
4. Thalgo De la Mer Massage
Calming Massage
40 min - 130 zł
5. Aromatherapy Massage
The whole body massage with the usage of aromatic oils that purifies, relaxes or regenerates.
1h - 160 zł
6. Ayurveda Massage
The whole body Hindu massage with the usage of hot avocado and almond aroma oils. It restores energetic harmony of the body.
90 min - 260 zł
7. Abhyanga Massage
Purifying massage on four hands with hot sesame oil. It relaxes, firms and energizes the skin. Helps to remove toxins from the body and activates organism’s natural immunity.
295 zł
8. UDVARTANA Massage
Slimming powder massage with special ayurvedian herbs mixture.
190 zł
9. Hot Stones Massage
Classical stone massage that removes all the stresses of a contemporary man and brings
good well-being.
220 zł
10. Honey-Almond Massage
Unique massage based on bee wax and honey mixed with almond dust.
11. Candle Massage
Relaxation and aromatherapy.
12. Indoceane Massage
Luxurious massage inspired by Ayurveda.
13. Modeling Massage
Modeling massage targeting selected parts of the body using special techniques.
 30min / 130zł.
14. Lymphatic drainage
Improves the lymph flow , helps to prevent the results of lymphostasis.
60 min / 110zł. 
90 min / 150zł.
15. Chocolate Massage
Great sensual party , the treatment improves skin condition and enhances hormones of happiness.
16. Coco massage
Exotic body massage deeply caring and relaxing.
17. Oriental feet massage
Oriental feet massage that cares and relaxes your feet
40min / 95zł. 
18. Shirodhara
Shirodhara youth treatment with oil forehead massage
 45min / 180zł.
19. Polynesian massage
Welcome to Polynesian islands all body massage with Lomi elements and Polynesian techniques.