1. Body Consultation
free of charge
2. Body Peeling
Dead skin removal and massage with the nourishing cream.
150 zł
3. Body Peeling Algae & Salt Marine
This treatment removes dead skin cells with the usage of hot olive and marine salt;
ideal for moisturizing your skin.
with massage
99 zł

249 zł
4. Sweet - Salty Body Exfoliation
Exfoliation treatment on the basis of marine salt and brown sugar mixed with lemon,
grapefruit and mandarin essential oils. Purifies and relaxes your body and mind.
120 zł
5. Bronzing Treatment
Full body scrub treatment that gives your skin a suntan hue
6. Marine Prelude
Exclusive treatment that peels off the dead skin cells and purifies the body from  toxins .
The treatment is based on the marine salt and mud .It improves skin elasticity and firmness .
220 zł
7. Bust Modelling Treatment.
Modeling and forming bust treatment.
165 zł
8. Frigi - Thalgo Wrap
Legs treatment for people with poor blood circulation; it is progressive treatment of
220 zł
9. Indoceane Treatment  
Continental trip to relaxation land .Exclusive treatment consisting of salt and sweet body exfoliation ,inspired with Ayurveda technique and regeneration and moisturizing mask.
299 zł
10. Aromaceane
Treatment with the usage of marine mud which nourishes your skin; with the composition of oils it purifies, slims, relaxes and vitalizes your organism.
220 zł
11. Micronized Marine Algae Body Wrap
Treatment on the basis of 100% natural micronised marine algae mask; it slims, enriches with minerals and lessens the amount of cellulite.
280 zł
12. Toning Body Wrap
Algae gel treatment ;it firms , models and enriches the skin with minerals.

140 zł
with massage - 190 zł


Polynesia Treatment
Sensual journey through the islands of Polynesia. Regenerating and relaxing treatment

14. Algo-Slimming Treatment
Slimming , remineralizing and anticellulite treatment  based on the natural algae.
15. High-Precision Shaping Treatment
The treatment is a perfect offer in order to locate the cellulite problems or the fatty tissue excess
16. Sushi Body Ceremony
Velvet, creamy rice scrub, relaxing massage and moisturizing mask relax not only the skin, but also the body and mind. Brightening and rejuvenating treatment
17. Chocolate Body Ceremony
The treatment is recommended for exploring all the senses. It releases positive energy  and makes you feel marvellously
18. Coconut Body Ceremony
Nourishing and relaxing treatment. It smoothes your skin and the sweet scent strengthens the relaxation effect